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2.13. Summary

In this chapter, we have downloaded the Zend Skeleton Application project code from GitHub and installed it via Composer dependency manager. We've configured the Apache Virtual Host to tell the web server about location of the website's document root directory.

The skeleton application demonstrates the recommended directory structure of a typical website. We have the public directory containing files publicly accessible by site users, including the index.php entry point file, CSS files, JavaScript files and images. All other directories of the application are inaccessible by site users and contain application configuration, data and modules.

In the second part of the chapter we discussed some advanced Apache configuration. For example, you can protect your website with password and allow accessing it from certain IP addresses only.

The Composer dependency manager is a powerful tool for installing the dependencies of your website. For example, Zend Framework 3 itself can be considered as a dependency. All packages installable by Composer are registered in a centralized catalog on the Packagist.org site.