A free and open-source book on ZF3 for beginners

3. Website Operation

In this chapter we will provide some theory on how a typical Zend Framework 3 based web application works. You'll learn some PHP basics like PHP classes, how PHP namespaces are used for avoiding name collisions, what class autoloading is, how to define application configuration parameters and the stages present in an application's life-cycle. You will also become familiar with such important ZF3 components as Zend\EventManager, Zend\ModuleManager and Zend\ServiceManager. If instead of learning the theory, you want to have some practical examples, skip this chapter and refer directly to Model-View-Controller.

ZF3 components covered in this chapter:

Component Description
Zend\Mvc Support of Model-View-Controller pattern. Separation of business logic from presentation.
Zend\ModuleManager This component is responsible for loading and initializing modules of the web application.
Zend\EventManager This component implements functionality for triggering events and event handling.
Zend\ServiceManager Implements the registry of all services available in the web application.