Name Description Version
Zend\Authentication provides an API for authentication and includes concrete authentication adapters for common use case scenarios 2.6.0
Zend\Barcode provides a generic way to generate barcodes 2.7.0
Zend\Cache Caching implementation with a variety of storage options, as well as codified caching strategies for callbacks, classes, and output 2.8.2
Zend\Captcha Generate and validate CAPTCHAs using Figlets, images, ReCaptcha, and more 2.8.0
Zend\Code provides facilities to generate arbitrary code using an object oriented interface 3.1.0
Zend\Config provides a nested object property based user interface for accessing this configuration data within application code 3.2.0
Zend\Console Build console applications using getopt syntax or routing, complete with prompts 2.8.0
Zend\Crypt Strong cryptography tools and password hashing 3.3.0
Zend\Db Database abstraction layer, SQL abstraction, result set abstraction, and RowDataGateway and TableDataGateway implementations 2.10.0
Zend\Dom provides tools for working with DOM documents and structures 2.7.1
Zend\Escaper Securely and safely escape HTML, HTML attributes, JavaScript, CSS, and URLs 2.6.0
Zend\EventManager Trigger and listen to events within a PHP application 3.2.1
Zend\Filter provides a set of commonly needed data filters 2.9.1
Zend\Form Validate and display simple and complex forms, casting forms to business objects and vice versa 2.14.1
Zend\Http Provides an easy interface for performing Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests 2.10.0
Zend\Hydrator Serialize objects to arrays, and vice versa 2.4.1
Zend\InputFilter Normalize and validate input sets from the web, APIs, the CLI, and more, including files 2.10.0
Zend\I18n Provide translations for your application, and filter and validate internationalized values 2.9.0
Zend\Json provides convenience methods for serializing native PHP to JSON and decoding JSON to native PHP 3.1.0
Zend\Log component for general purpose logging 2.10.0
Zend\Mail Provides generalized functionality to compose and send both text and MIME-compliant multipart e-mail messages 2.10.0
Zend\Math Create cryptographically secure pseudo-random numbers, and manage big integers 3.2.0
Zend\ModuleManager Modular application system for zend-mvc applications 2.8.2
Zend\Mvc Zend Framework's event-driven MVC layer, including MVC Applications, Controllers, and Plugins 3.1.1
Zend\Mvc\Console Integration between zend-mvc and zend-console 1.2.0
Zend\Mvc\I18n Integration between zend-mvc and zend-i18n 1.1.0
Zend\Mvc\Plugin\FilePrg Post/Redirect/Get plugin with file upload handling for zend-mvc controllers 1.1.0
Zend\Mvc\Plugin\FlashMessenger Plugin for creating and exposing flash messages via zend-mvc controllers 1.1.0
Zend\Mvc\Plugin\Identity Plugin for retrieving the current authenticated identity within zend-mvc controllers 1.1.0
Zend\Mvc\Plugin\Prg Post/Redirect/Get plugin for zend-mvc controllers 1.1.0
Zend\Navigation Manage trees of pointers to web pages in order to build navigation systems 2.9.0
Zend\Paginator zend-paginator is a flexible component for paginating collections of data and presenting that data to users. 2.8.1
Zend\Permissions\Acl Provides a lightweight and flexible access control list (ACL) implementation for privileges management 2.7.0
Zend\Permissions\Rbac provides a role-based access control management 2.6.0
Zend\Router Flexible routing system for HTTP and console applications 3.3.0
Zend\Serializer provides an adapter based interface to simply generate storable representation of PHP types by different facilities, and recover 2.9.0
Zend\ServiceManager Factory-Driven Dependency Injection Container 3.4.0
Zend\Session manage and preserve session data, a logical complement of cookie data, across multiple page requests by the same client 2.8.5
Zend\Soap 2.7.0
Zend\Stdlib SPL extensions, array utilities, error handlers, and more 3.2.1
Zend\Test Tools to facilitate unit testing of zend-mvc applications 3.2.2
Zend\Uri A component that aids in manipulating and validating » Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) 2.7.0
Zend\Validator provides a set of commonly needed validators 2.12.0
Zend\View provides a system of helpers, output filters, and variable escaping 2.11.2
Zend\XmlRpc Fully-featured XML-RPC server and client implementations 2.7.0