A free and open-source book on ZF3 for beginners

Appendix A. Configuring Web Development Environment

Here we will provide instructions on how to prepare your environment for developing ZF3-based applications. If you already have the configured environment, you can skip this.

Configuring the development environment is the first thing you have to do when beginning with creating your first web-site. This includes installing the web server, the PHP engine with required extensions and a database.

For the purpose of running the code examples created in this book, we will use Apache HTTP Server (v.2.4 or later), PHP engine (v.5.6 or later) with XDebug extension and MySQL database (v.5.6 or later).

We also provide instructions for installing NetBeans IDE, which is a convenient integrated development environment for PHP development. It allows for an easier navigation, editing and debugging of your PHP application. The NetBeans IDE is written in Java and can be installed in Windows, Linux and other platforms supporting a compatible Java machine.

We also provide instructions for beginners on how to install a ZF3 website to Amazon EC2 cloud in Appendix E. Installing a ZF3 Web Application to Amazon EC2.