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17.13. Modifying the Dispatch Event Listener

Next, we will modify the Module class living in User namespace and particularly its onDispatch() method. The main goal of this is that if the access filter returns ACCESS_DENIED, we redirect the user to the Not Authorized page.

namespace User;

use Zend\Mvc\MvcEvent;
use Zend\Mvc\Controller\AbstractActionController;
use User\Controller\AuthController;
use User\Service\AuthManager;

class Module

     * Event listener method for the 'Dispatch' event. We listen to the Dispatch
     * event to call the access filter. The access filter allows to determine if
     * the current visitor is allowed to see the page or not. If he/she
     * is not authorized and is not allowed to see the page, we redirect the user 
     * to the login page.
    public function onDispatch(MvcEvent $event)
        // Get controller and action to which the HTTP request was dispatched.
        $controller = $event->getTarget();
        $controllerName = $event->getRouteMatch()->getParam('controller', null);
        $actionName = $event->getRouteMatch()->getParam('action', null);
        // Convert dash-style action name to camel-case.
        $actionName = str_replace('-', '', lcfirst(ucwords($actionName, '-')));
        // Get the instance of AuthManager service.
        $authManager = $event->getApplication()->getServiceManager()->get(AuthManager::class);
        // Execute the access filter on every controller except AuthController
        // (to avoid infinite redirect).
        if ($controllerName!=AuthController::class)
            $result = $authManager->filterAccess($controllerName, $actionName);
            if ($result==AuthManager::AUTH_REQUIRED) {
                // Remember the URL of the page the user tried to access. We will
                // redirect the user to that URL after successful login.
                $uri = $event->getApplication()->getRequest()->getUri();
                // Make the URL relative (remove scheme, user info, host name and port)
                // to avoid redirecting to other domain by a malicious user.
                $redirectUrl = $uri->toString();

                // Redirect the user to the "Login" page.
                return $controller->redirect()->toRoute('login', [], 
            else if ($result==AuthManager::ACCESS_DENIED) {
                // Redirect the user to the "Not Authorized" page.
                return $controller->redirect()->toRoute('not-authorized');