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4.10. When to Create a New Controller?

When your site grows in size, you should create new controller classes instead of putting all actions to IndexController. The Index controller is used for defining the actions which work for your entire site.

It is not recommended to create huge controllers with hundreds of actions, because they are difficult to understand and support.

It is recommended to create new controller class for each model (or for most important ones) of your business logic domain.

For example, you can create UserController to manage users of your site. This controller would have the default "index" action for displaying the page with all users, "add" action for adding a new user, "edit" action for editing user's profile and "delete" action for deleting the user.

By analogy, you would create PurchaseController and its actions to manage the purchases of your products and implementing the shopping cart, DownloadController and its actions to manage file downloads for the site, etc.