A free and open-source book on ZF3 for beginners


Thanks to Edu Torres, a 2D artist from Spain, for making the cover for this book.

Thanks to Roman Belinsky, a translator from Saint Pitersburg, for his hard work in translating this book to Russian.

Great thanks to Guillermo Lengemann for translating the book into Spanish and contributing his translation.

Great thanks to Cora Cox for contributing her French translation.

Thanks to Igor Conde for starting Portuguese translation of the book.

Also thanks to Alan Stanley, Sam Sheridan, Kevin Foster, Blount, Alex Lashford, Jakub Ksiazek, Guillermo Lengemann, Olexiy Guzenko, Pavel Savostin, Alessandro De Giuli, Alex Belkin, @csharpninja, Cyrille Hamel, Greg Bell, Yuri Aya, Dmitriy Halytskiy, Denis Krupnov, Vladimír Náprstek, Renato Mendes, Mulot, Paolo Bernardi, Behzad Moradi, @bitwombat, Rodion Abdurakhimov, Fadel Chafai, Moriancumer Richard Uy and Charles Naylor for helping to find and fix mistakes in the text.